Sunday, March 29, 2009

Getting Settled In...

Well, we made the trip safely and we are *slowly* getting settled into our new home.

Jakob is loving his new school. He says that all of his teachers and classmates are very nice and welcomed him right in. His school is much smaller than what he is used to. His class in Florida had 19 kids...he makes #7 in his new class. There is one school here and it is K-12th grade.

David is enjoying his new job and all of the adventures that go along with it. Right now they spend most of their time tending to the cows that are calving and their new babies, feeding all of the cattle, and working on all of the *HUGE* farm equipment in prepration of the upcoming farming season. They will be planting soon and then they will be very busy for the rest of the summer!

Carley and I are enjoying some long over due Mommy/Daughter together. We have met some other people around town with kids around her age, and we have been doing little things just to get out of the house every now and then....storytime at the library, meeting for playtime, etc. We are having Fun! Fun!

Today we are getting our first "real" snow since we have been here. We have had a few flurries, but nothing enough to actually stick to the ground. The kids are loving it! Every 30 minutes or so they have to look out the window to see how much more has accumulated on the ground. I have already been informed that tomorrow we will be building our first snowman!

Now that we are getting settled in and things are starting to feel like we are at home, I hope to take the time to go out and take lots of pictures. I will be posting some soon!


Our New Address

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