Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Packing Up and Moving Along

As most of our family and close friends now know, we, as a family, have decided to accept an opportunity to move to Montana! David is going to work for Kolb Brothers in Hysham, MT. He will be farming part of the year - growing sugar beets, malt barley (you beer drinkers need to pick up a Coors ~ that's who they grow for), corn, alfalfa and wheat. The rest of the year (the cold, winter months) he will be taking care of cattle at the feedlot until time to ship them out to Minnesota.

Although we will surely miss Florida and all of our family and friends that we are leaving behind, we are excited for the change, and for an opportunity to venture off on our own. We have thought about this decision for a few months now, and we both agree that this will help us grow stronger as a family.

Everybody needs to remember that we have an open door policy at our house! :) We always accept visitors. I know from past experience that Montana is a place that you have to see to appreciate...you can look at a million pictures, but they just don't do it justice. It's definately a place that everyone should visit, at least once in their lifetime.

Pictures will be coming soon!


Our New Address

PO Box 403 Hysham, MT 59038